Mistake of having to defend blinds often and commit to the pots

As a newbie on situs poker online it is common to feel obliged getting involved in pots whenever it is your turn to pay the small blind or the big blinds. It is for several reasons. The main one is that, they have a feeling that they need to call a raise or bet on the small blind as they have placed chips into the pot, regardless of the strength of their hands. Other times, the ego can be blamed as they will not want to fold regularly their blinds to avoid looking to be weak to the rest of the players.

Whatever way, to get involved in a pot just because you don’t want to fold your blinds is a big mistake. There are times when certain reasons to play the weaker hands than the normal ones would from blinds but for most of the times, you will be better off to fold if you don’t have the required cards to justify being involved.

Getting committed to the pots

Newbies in most instances are the ones that find they are making this mistake frequently. They find it hard to fold once they place the chips into the pot, even if they have a belief that they are probably beaten. It might be hard to let go of your hand once you feel that you have made an investment, especially if it is a good one but you will need to at times. In case you don’t, all you will do is to waste your chips on an opportunity which is bad.

The best way of preventing this type of mistake is to ensure that you accept that, once the chips are in the pot, they cease to be yours.