Cascading reels and cluster plays slot features

All situs judi slot terpercaya have some exclusive and unique slot features which include cluster play and cascading reels. It is important that you get to understand more about them:

Cascading reels

It is possible that you might not realize that you are on a game which has cascading reels, because the slot features is normally referred to by various other names depending on the developer.  Other names for the cascading reels include:

  • The collapsing reels
  • The tumbling or tumbles reels
  • The avalanches
  • The rolling reels
  • The chain reactions
  • The symbol drops

Regardless of the name which they are given, the cascading reels are features of slot machine which remove matching symbols that are utilized in the winning combinations, which leaves spaces on the screen. Any of the symbols above the spots normally drop in filling in the gaps.

The rest of the areas which are open get to receive the new symbol replacement, possibly making you to get a new high payout.

Cluster pays

They are not features of the slot machine which are unique but essentially a mechanic for having to play slot machine games in a way which is completely different. Cluster pays are known to replace both the pay lines as well as the adjacent ways of having to play the casino slots with the matching symbols grouping.

a slot machine game which is cluster pay is normally played in a formation of a grid with enough space for groups to grow from about 4 to 5 symbols to a maximum of about 5 to 20 symbols. The pay tables tend to be much more extensive when it comes to the cluster pays slots because the prices are placed based on the sizes. An example is a four symbol award which could be worth two times and then could come in 100 times.